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francesca bueti

computer science + visual design student

Stevens Venture Center

Venture Hacks

Co-Founder, Summer 2016


Like most entrepreneurs, I learned my first few lessons the hard way. When I was 19 years old, I started a company with a small team of students, faculty, and industry professionals. In short, after many sleepless nights, thousands of lines of code, and finally a lawsuit, I knew there had to be a better way to learn the lessons of entrepreneurship.

Exploring entrepreneurship doesn’t need to be painful.

So, with the support of the Stevens Venture Centure, I, along with one of the original company co-founders, went on to found Venture Hacks, an ongoing series of hackathons the seeks to redefine entrepreneurial education. Venture Hacks empowers smart, passionate, and motivated people to build amazing things.


I took the lead on creating Venture Hack’s visual identity and brand.

This includes a versatile hackathon logo that is rebranded with each event:

And a Branding Guide that details the underlying decisions and guidelines in creating content and promotional material for Venture Hacks.


Being that Venture Hacks was a brand-new event on campus, effective marketing was crucial to the success of Venture Hacks. This took many different forms.


An effective, minimalist style

Challenges + Website

Keeping people informed and intrigued. Try a puzzle here.

Social Media

Garnered attention and spread awareness through our page.

Content Creation + Delivery

A big part of Venture Hacks is the content provided to participants. My favorite presentations to give are Ideation & Validation, Intro to UX, and Good Slides. Check them out here.


Three hackathons later (with a fourth underway), Venture Hacks has served over 100 students and empowered them to build amazing things. Many have gone on to become members of the Stevens Venture Center and launch initiatives of their own. Our efforts have been recognized by both HMAG and the Hudson Reporter.