👩🏽‍💻  Currently looking for full-time opportunities following my May 2018 graduation.

francesca bueti

computer science + visual design student



CodeU Student, Summer 2015


CodeU is an exclusive program for high-potential students to develop technical skills under the guidance of Google mentors. I worked with a team of four to learn Android Development and build an application. My group and I went on to build a social media application that we called Glance.

The Problem

Glance addresses a fundamental problem of any social media user today. The average user uses multiple social media applications and is connected to hundreds, if not thousands, on each platform. All in all, that’s a lot to keep up with. Glance alleviates the pattern of scrolling through a platform, only seeing a few interesting posts, and repeating. Glance is a social media application that displays only the most relevant posts from all of your social media accounts in one timeline, giving you exactly what you want to see from social media, at a (*cringe*) glance.

The Result

Using Google Material Design standards, we developed a clean, sleek, simple-to-use application.


Glance went on to be awarded the People’s Choice Award at CodeU that year out of over thirty teams. Read more about it on the Google Student Blog.